Reporting / Develop an exit strategy from your piles of paperwork.

Reduce back-office paperwork and streamline Limited Partner reporting with IR Exchange. We provide a secure online environment for sharing confidential materials such as capital account statements and quarterly reports. LPs gain convenient access to documents and data, while you save time and money. Introducing IR Exchange, the newest member of your Investor Relations team.

Your Team Will Always Face Reporting Obligations, So Why Not Fulfill Them More Easily?

Break Free Of Back-Office Burdens

Spend less time and money on administrative tasks with IR Exchange. When LPs choose to receive reports and statements online instead of in the mail, you can stop printing and overnighting them. By improving investors’ access to information, IR Exchange helps reduce the number of questions your team must field.

Convenient Document Splitting

Separating each LP’s personalized pages from a large data merge file can be time-consuming – but not with IR Exchange. Simply upload PDF files containing data for statements and tax forms. IR Exchange splits the information into personalized documents and distributes them among LPs.

Many Funds, One Price

Save money by choosing IR Exchange over other Web-based LP reporting products. Unlike them, IR Exchange allows you to add an unlimited number of funds for one fixed price. There are no large recurring costs — just a one-time, upfront fee and annual maintenance charges.

  • Post documents and notices, generate capital account statements and e-mail LPs.
  • All activity that occurs on IR Exchange is recorded, allowing you to view a continuously updated log on who viewed which information and when.

Give Your Team Greater Peace Of Mind

Monitor User Access

Every action that occurs on IR Exchange is logged, leaving an audit trail you can view online at any time. Even when you are not watching, IR Exchange detects aberrant usage patterns and provides alerts.

Prevent Misuse Of Materials

The terms of use for IR Exchange prohibit investors from redistributing information. But how do you enforce that policy? With IR Exchange, you can block documents from being printed. Even if you choose to allow printing, IR Exchange can watermark documents with identifying source information such as Username and IP address.

  • Increase your firm’s back-office efficiency, as posting documents to IR Exchange replaces printing, sorting and mailing.
  • Easily make any type of document available for viewing.

Limited Partners Find A Wealth Of Data At Their Fingertips

Improve Their Access, Enhance Your Relationship

With IR Exchange, current and archived documents are collected in one place for LPs to read at their convenience. As your materials become more accessible, so does your firm itself, through convenient e-mail links.

Optional Dynamic Reporting

You can elect to further enhance investors’ access to information by adding a tool that generates dynamic capital account statements. This allows LPs to customize date ranges when modeling data, or drill down for a finer level of detail.

  • LPs visit one convenient location to view quarterly reports and capital account statements.
  • When you upgrade to dynamic reporting, LPs can view account data in ways that precisely suit their needs.