Fundraising / Making thier decisions easier.

IR Exchange allows you to distribute promotional materials more safely, yet more efficiently. Once you upload documents to IR Exchange, you can precisely control and closely monitor access. For prospects, IR Exchange facilitates the due diligence process, enabling them to make quicker decisions. They will appreciate the convenience, while you can close your fund faster. Introducing IR Exchange, the newest member of your Investor Relations team.

Your Team Commands an Array of Additional Resources

Control and Security

Exercise precise control over your materials, regulating access on a document-by-document or user-by-user basis. With an option to block documents from being printed, IR Exchange affords you more security than e-mail. Even if you allow printing, IR Exchange can hold visitors accountable by watermarking documents with identifying source information.

Track Activity

Everything that occurs on IR Exchange is recorded in a usage report you can view online at any time. This audit trail allows you to remain informed about prospect activity and interest while raising a new fund. Even when you are not watching, IR Exchange detects aberrant usage patterns and provides alerts so you can take appropriate action.

Simple to Use, Easier on Your Bottom Line

Unlike other Web-based fundraising products, IR Exchange allows you to grant Usernames and Passwords to an unlimited number of prospects for one fixed cost. There is no complicated pricing structure.

  • Grant prospects convenient access to the information they need while reducing your back-office tedium.
  • Track interest in your fund through online reports on who viewed which materials and when.

Prospects Find Everything They Need To Make An Informed Decision

Access and Answers

The due diligence process becomes easier when prospects can visit a centralized location for convenient access to all your materials. When prospects must pose routine questions to your team, IR Exchange facilitates communication by providing convenient e-mail links.

  • Prospects gain convenient online access to materials such as Private Placement Memoranda, Limited Partnership Agreements and team biographies.
  • E-mail links provide a convenient way for prospects to contact your firm.