Overview / Gain greater control over fundraising and reporting.

IR Exchange enables private equity firms to share fund information with investors securely over the Internet. Our system affords you efficiencies by eliminating the need to print and mail documents, while your LPs save time by viewing fund information online. You can be confident your materials are safe with online usage reports and other security features that allow you to carefully control and monitor access. Introducing IR Exchange, the newest member of your Investor Relations team.

IR | EX Fundraising

  • Distribute documents to more prospects more easily and securely
  • Close your fund faster by eliminating communication lags
  • Facilitate investor access to due diligence materials
  • Gain valuable insight with online usage reports
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IR | EX Reporting

  • Fulfill reporting obligations more easily
  • Transfer data from your LP accounting program to IR Exchange in a few clicks
  • Spend less time fielding information requests from LPs and preparing data for distribution
  • Enhance investor relations by providing direct access to account and fund data
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